Walking across Hendersyde Farm

Walking across Hendersyde Farm ...

Hendersyde is our family farm, which lies between The River Tweed and Eden Water, down stream from delightful Kelso, in the beautiful Border Country.

Walking across Hendersyde farm you might catch a glimpse of otter by the waterside, deer wandering between the woods, or the flash of salmon in The River Tweed. You’ll certainly see and hear the birds singing!

We delight in, & encourage the wildlife and birds to flourish. Nest boxes are popular homes for Barn Owls, often seen hunting at dawn and dusk.

Stubble fields are left unploughed through the autumn and winter, a valuable food source for both birds and animals.

In spring and early summer you can hear larks singing high above you. Pheasant and partridge often rear young by the cottage lane. Hares and leverets visit too!

Heron and Buzzard are common, osprey a special sight. Song birds surround the cottages. Wide fields margins offer food and cover too.

Our flock of Grey Face ewes and small herd of cows are more like old friends. Spring lambing and calving is a special time of year.

Organic, free range eggs, for your arrival, come from Anne at Ednam West Mains, in walking distance of the cottages!

We grow crops of winter wheat, malting barley and oil seed rape, have planted many more trees, and created new woods on Hendersyde. Gaps in the ancient hedge-rows have been filled, to preserve another precious habitat for the wildlife … and us to enjoy!

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