Walking & Wildlife in the Scottish Borders

Walking & Wildlife in the Scottish Borders

There are baskets full of walks & information in each cottage, but if you would like to upload an app as a guide The Reivers Road would help you on your way. 

If you are looking for nature tours, talks, courses and countryside advice on and around the Berwickshire Coast? Look no further than it’s              In Our Nature!

For more inspiration Scotland Starts Here can be downloaded as an app too. 

For guided walks in Northumberland, Patrick and Louise Norris have a wealth of experience in the landscape, wildlife and cultural history of the area.

Patrick could also take you on an Ingram Valley Farm Safari just over the border in Northumberland. My grandmother’s favourite valley!

Nature at it's best - on both sides of the border!

Sea birds and grey seals – Andrew Douglas’ Serenity boat trips to The Farne Islands from Seahouses in Northumberland, are a must!

The Wild Beasts of Chillingham – visit the wild white cattle – one of the most unique and truly wild herd of cattle in the world.

Or with Billy Shiels who’s family have been running boat trips to The Farne Islands since 1918!

Northumbrian Wildlife Tours offer unique and carefully planned guided bird and wildlife watching walks in Northumberland

Chain Bridge Honey Farm – a local gem – with lots of unexpected surprises!

Bird watching in the Borders – where to look!

The Sea Bird Centre – 5 Star Visitor Attraction overlooking the islands of the Firth of Forth.

Scuba diving from St Abbs Head and Eyemouth Voluntary Marine Reserve – in the world’s top five dive sites!

Philiphaugh Cauld – a great place to see salmon on web cams!

Discover the connection between the seasons, farming and food at The Barn at Beal.

The Borders Forest Trust – trees and trails

For wildlife from afar – what about a trip to Edinburgh Zoo to see the Giant Pandas!

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